And here is another one, Steve Crykin

December 8, 2017

And here is another one, Steve Crykin

Autograph Magazine Live

Steve Crykin purchased a great magazine a few year back titled Autograph Collector. After a short period of time the magazine when out of print and he started 'Autographmagazinelive' online. Although he purchased the magazine from two forensic document examiners he continues to be anti Forensic Document Examiner and boasts of the expertise of the untrained industry types.  Wondering why? Well Steve works for PSA and is a stock holder in PSA/Collector's Universe, the parent company of PSA/DNA. Hmmmm, financial motive in his reporting or as he calls it moderating. It is also interesting to note that most of his commentators on his site are anonymous  with fake names and fake photos. It is my humble opinion that some of these are Steve himself, generating trash that he hopes people will read withoutany basis of fact. Just  generating trash that he hopes people will read without any basis of fact. Also interesting to note, that he defends the industry types JSA, PSA and BSA although none of their so-called examiners have any training in handwriting analysis or document examination and cannot even testify in court as experts. So reader beware....Crykin has a financial interest in seeing these companies survive. Check the facts before listening to him and his anonymous commenter's spewing lies and trashing people.

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