Steve Grad

December 8, 2017

Steve Grad

Steve Grad was a Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) who appeared on Pawn Stars between 2013 and 2014. Unfortunately, some embarrassing controversies make it very unlikely he'll reappear on the show anytime soon. The trouble started when Grad found himself at the center of a 2011 lawsuit; apparently, his company tried to pass off a signature as belonging to famed aviator Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh's own daughter came forward with an expert and successfully challenged the claim.

It turned out that Grad's "expert opinion" had cost collectors hundreds of thousands of dollars after he allegedly approved scores of forgeries as legitimate—and it gets worse: despite heavily implying that he'd been educated at the prestigious Columbia School of Journalism, further research determined that Grad had briefly attended Columbia College Chicago in 1993, but never actually graduated. In fact, during a court-ordered deposition, he revealed he'd received no formal training of any kind to back up his "expert" label. He instead credits much of what he knows to being mentored by the "King of Memorabilia" Bill Mastro—a man who landed in prison after being busted for various acts of fraud.

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