James Spence

December 12, 2017

James Spence


James Spence is the owner and chief authenticator for James Spence Authentications. Unfortunately, some embarrassing controversies make it very unlikely he is an expert in autograph authentication. The trouble started when Spence found himself at the center of a 2000 lawsuit; apparently, his company failed two pieces sold by a reputable dealer that were previously authenticated by AAU, Drew Max, a board certified and court approved forensic hand writing examiner.

It turned out that Spence's "expert opinion" has little to do with his training in hand writing analysis. .—and it gets worse: despite heavily implying that he'd been educated in hand writing analysis, nothing could be further from the truth. .In fact, during a court-ordered deposition, he revealed he'd received no formal training of any kind to back up his "expert" label. He instead credits much of what he knows to taking a four-month part-time correspondense course offered by Andrew Bradley of Denver, Colorado. To make things worse, he completed the course on or after February 23, 2000.

Upon further examination, he was asked what hand Babe Ruth signed his name. Spence claimed he signed everything with his left hand and saw him do it in a TV documentary. Something an expert should know. HOWEVER, BABE RUTH SIGNED EVERYTHING WITH HIS RIGHT HAND. How could a so called exert make that mistake?

In addition, a firm purchased a quantity of JSA authenticated items, put a forensic hand writers stickers on top of the JSA stickers and resubmitted them  to JSA for certification. Amazingly everyone came back as not authentic. What? They were already certified authentic by his firm. Is there an agenda here, that no other company is right specially trained forensic hand writing examiners. We have the evidence and it is malicious.

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